Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

Like many others, I’ve recently been spending a large portion of time at home. As of four weeks ago, my schooling became remote for the remainder of the semester. However, I’m still venturing out for shifts at the pharmacy, and it is interesting seeing how different everything is. The switch to staying home has been… Continue reading Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

Crafts and DIY

Learning to Crochet

While I was completing rural pharmacy rotations in Steamboat Springs and Buena Vista, I decided to teach myself to crochet to help pass the time. My wonderful friend Jessica had taught me the basics and helped me begin my first project over a year ago. However, I hadn’t touched my crochet hook since that time… Continue reading Learning to Crochet


Quinoa Chili

Here in Colorado, we’ve had some pretty typical February weather in the past week. It has actually been quite nice, as the snow has been light and the temperatures have stayed relatively warm. Saturday we had a break from the snow, so I decided to get out and run some errands. I finally went to… Continue reading Quinoa Chili

Yeast Breads

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

I’m currently halfway through my first rural pharmacy rotation, which is located in Steamboat Springs, CO. My first two weeks here I experienced a picturesque Colorado fall with vibrant aspens, crisp air, and deep blue skies. I enjoyed the scenery over numerous runs and a 14.7 mile hike. This quickly came to an end with… Continue reading Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

Frozen Treats

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

Watermelons will forever hold a special place in my heart. As long as I can remember, my grandpa has grown a large garden from which he sells produce to customers attracted off the highway by his homemade plywood signs. Although he grows a variety of fruits and vegetables, watermelons have always been one of his… Continue reading Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

Bars and Brownies

Marshmallow Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Brownie Bars

I’ve always loved this time of year. Summer is still bringing warm days, but the nights are getting cooler, providing a taste of the approaching fall season. Just as wonderful is the surplus of sweet corn, tomatoes, stone fruits, and other late summer┬áproduce that has been gracing the markets. Our peach tree seemed to produce… Continue reading Marshmallow Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Brownie Bars

Pasta · Vegetarian

Spicy Thai Noodles

We’re only one week into June, and it feels like summer is flying by already. After finishing the school semester, I took a girls road trip with my two closest friends from pharmacy school. It was wonderful! We took I-70 to Utah, then made our way down to Northern Arizona, hitting Capitol Reef National Park,… Continue reading Spicy Thai Noodles

Yeast Breads


As I’m sitting typing this I’m currently surrounded by piles of recipes. Aside from the hundreds of magazine clippings, recipe cards, and photocopied cookbook pages, I’ve saved an equally large amount of recipes on Pinterest. With the speed at which I save new recipes, I know there is no way I’ll ever get through them… Continue reading Grissini


Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

Good morning! I hope everybody near Denver is staying warm and safe today. I’m sure most agree that spring cannot come soon enough. Despite the current weather, I have seen a few signs of it. Our chickens are laying eggs prolifically again, and the crocus and daffodils in the front yard are pushing their way… Continue reading Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

Yeast Breads

Soft Pretzels

As of Friday, I completed my first clinical pharmacy rotation. I’ll admit it was a tough 6 weeks. Aside from the rotation itself being a full-time, challenging experience that included a commute to downtown Denver, I still had to work Sundays and spend an hour or two most weeknights working on school or rotation assignments.… Continue reading Soft Pretzels