Yeast Breads

No-Knead Brioche

While completing our taxes awhile back, I stumbled upon some trouble accessing my tuition statement form. My student portal was largely blank, though I figured this was due to the fact that I had recently graduated and was no longer a student. I assumed they had forgotten to upload my form, though the financial aid… Continue reading No-Knead Brioche


Greek Quinoa Power Bowls

After relaying my thoughts on how cross country skiers disdain snowshoers, Alejandro came up with a hierarchy. As he sees it, skiers look down upon snowboarders, both look down upon cross country skiers, all three look down upon snowshoers, and everybody looks down on sledders and tubers. Of course this is mostly jest, though I… Continue reading Greek Quinoa Power Bowls


Rose Shortbread Cookies

I’ve just spent a few fabulous days alone at home, and it has been perfect. Alejandro took a trip to Granby and then Denver while his brother was in town, so Dexter and I had the house to ourselves. I initially planned on going with, but last minute changes in my work schedule prevented it.… Continue reading Rose Shortbread Cookies

Cakes and Cupcakes

Carrot Cake

Although we are just now breaching February, lately I’ve had a touch of spring fever. Much of the time I find myself daydreaming about garden plans for the year. We’ll somewhat be starting from scratch since we moved to a new house with very little landscaping, so there is a lot to contemplate. Late last… Continue reading Carrot Cake


Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Dip

As winter progresses, I’m finding I’m able to get out and explore the mountains more than ever before. I primarily attribute this to the fact that I no longer have to navigate I-70 traffic. Spending 4+ hours in the car after a long snowshoe trek or day on the slopes definitely ruins a bit of… Continue reading Raspberry Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Beef and Pork

Fall Harvest Kale Salad

Hey all. I know it has been awhile. Aside from the weirdness that is 2020, this year has brought quite a few changes for us. After graduating with my doctorate this past spring, a job offer moved us across the state. Licensing exams, house drama, and the stress of a new career followed, but we… Continue reading Fall Harvest Kale Salad


Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

Like many others, I’ve recently been spending a large portion of time at home. As of four weeks ago, my schooling became remote for the remainder of the semester. However, I’m still venturing out for shifts at the pharmacy, and it is interesting seeing how different everything is. The switch to staying home has been… Continue reading Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

Crafts and DIY

Learning to Crochet

While I was completing rural pharmacy rotations in Steamboat Springs and Buena Vista, I decided to teach myself to crochet to help pass the time. My wonderful friend Jessica had taught me the basics and helped me begin my first project over a year ago. However, I hadn’t touched my crochet hook since that time… Continue reading Learning to Crochet


Quinoa Chili

Here in Colorado, we’ve had some pretty typical February weather in the past week. It has actually been quite nice, as the snow has been light and the temperatures have stayed relatively warm. Saturday we had a break from the snow, so I decided to get out and run some errands. I finally went to… Continue reading Quinoa Chili

Yeast Breads

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

I’m currently halfway through my first rural pharmacy rotation, which is located in Steamboat Springs, CO. My first two weeks here I experienced a picturesque Colorado fall with vibrant aspens, crisp air, and deep blue skies. I enjoyed the scenery over numerous runs and a 14.7 mile hike. This quickly came to an end with… Continue reading Pumpkin Dinner Rolls