Birding at Lower Church Lake

Yesterday morning I decided to enjoy the last little bit of fall weather and go birding at Lower Church Lake. I had never been to the area before, but noticed during my commute home on the bus that the lake has had tons of birds on it in the past few weeks.


I wasn’t able to I.D. all of the birds. Many of the males had lost their breeding plumage, and I’m still a pretty novice birder. Below are a few pictures of some of the species I could identify though. Please excuse the crappy pictures.

There were a ton of American Coots and American Wigeons on the lake, along with a few other somewhat common water birds. In the center below is a Canvasback.

IMG_1284 This photo shows a couple of Redheads, which are similar to the Canvasback. Their beaks are smaller and blue  instead of black though. Their heads are also more rounded where they meet their beaks, whereas Canvasbacks have a sloped head.


Below is a cute little Bufflehead, one of my favorites. There were a few on the lake, and all were extremely active, constantly diving below the surface to feed.


And a cool looking Ring-necked Duck.

IMG_1387 Lastly, a picture of the two most common birds. The American Wigeon was aggressively chasing the American Coot away from his fishing spot.



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