I’ve finally put together a post including pictures of Stella, our springer spaniel puppy. I’ve arranged them chronologically for every week or two since we’ve had her, and looking back I can’t believe how much she has grown up already! That short little puppy nose and her chubby legs have been replaced by a longer snout and lean, long legs. The changes in her were definitely more pronounced in the first few weeks, and recently her proportions seem to look mostly the same to us as the weeks go on, though she is growing larger.

It is incredible how much joy she brings to our lives, and each day I am reminded of how great it is to have a dog again. I hadn’t owned a dog since I left home for college over 6 years ago, and I can’t imagine I’ll ever be without one again. Like every dog I’ve ever owned, she has her own distinct personality that I’ve enjoyed watching develop.

Stella is a smart, rambunctious little thing, with lots and lots and lots of energy and spunk. She shows no shyness towards new people, and she definitely expects everyone to be her friend, immediately jumping into their lap. She thoroughly enjoys our daily trip to the dog park, and she shows no mercy with other dogs until they tire of her puppy energy and put her in her place.

I’m heading back to school after winter break today, and it is going to be soooo hard to leave her!

Stella | A Palate For Pie 8½ Weeks

Stella | A Palate For Pie10 Weeks

Stella | A Palate For Pie10½ Weeks

Stella | A Palate For Pie11½ Weeks

img_387013½ Weeks

img_404114½ Weeks

img_410715½ Weeks

Stella | A Palate For Pie17 Weeks

Stella | A Palate For Pie19 Weeks

img_519120½ Weeks


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