Pies, Tarts, Crisps, and Cobblers

Peach Raspberry Pie

We’re at the point in the summer where we’re getting ridiculous amounts of produce. And when I say produce I’m really talking about cucumbers and tomatoes. I am once again in awe at how many cucumbers a single plant can produce. Granted I’m not great at picking them daily, but every few days when I… Continue reading Peach Raspberry Pie

Game Meat

Slow Cooker Venison Barbacoa

As I’m sure you all know, lately the weather has been ungodly hot. I know I’m lucky to live in a mountain state that at least cools off a little each night, but my morning runs have been miserably warm, and even our dogs no longer want to hang out outside. All this heat makes… Continue reading Slow Cooker Venison Barbacoa

Pies, Tarts, Crisps, and Cobblers

Banana Cream Pie

Hi, my name is Danielle, and I am a rusher. It is my worst habit. Even though I know I tend to underestimate the time it will take me to do things, I still try and squeeze in too much and end up rushing out the door to work. Every. Single. Day. I have yet… Continue reading Banana Cream Pie


Viola and Strawberry Arugula Salad with Feta

Those of you who know me well know that I abhor salads. Detest them. Despise them. Loathe, scorn, and shun them. And yet…well…I have a confession. I’m starting to like them. I know, I’m pretty shocked myself. I’ve always hated raw leafy greens in any form and have gone far lengths to avoid them. Each… Continue reading Viola and Strawberry Arugula Salad with Feta

Quick Breads

Honey Beer Bread

I hope everyone’s week is going well. I started out my Monday morning with jury duty. ¬†After driving nearly 30 miles to the county justice center, the defendant for the case I was assigned was a no-show. A warrant was put out for his arrest, and I was released after sitting in the waiting room… Continue reading Honey Beer Bread


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up, we usually used the recipe on the back of the Toll House chocolate chips package to make chocolate chip cookies. It was always fantastic, and I didn’t stray from it until a couple years ago when I tried Cook’s Illustrated’s “perfect” chocolate chip cookies. I have to say, these are the most perfect… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies


Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Summer is quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited. I only have a few weeks until I’m free from another semester of school, and I’ve already been salivating over all the fresh recipes I want to try. Though lets be real, I’m always drooling over recipes and have an ever growing list of hundreds… Continue reading Refrigerator Dill Pickles