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DIY Pie Crust Shield

Today I’d like to share a trick that I have found incredibly helpful in the pie making process. I learned of it somewhere on the internet a few years ago, and it has been a life saver. See, when I first started baking pies, I would tear multiple little strips of foil to mould around… Continue reading DIY Pie Crust Shield


Sourdough Crepes with Turkey, Arugula, Artichokes, and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Spring is finally here!!! Though our winter hasn’t been especially nasty, I’m definitely feeling a change of season. It’s been fun the past couple weeks seeing more and more of the perennials I planted the last two years peeking out of our flower beds. Between picking up an additional three shifts at work last week… Continue reading Sourdough Crepes with Turkey, Arugula, Artichokes, and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Yeast Breads

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is my go-to if I’m picking up a loaf of bread at the store to have with dinner. It has been my bread of choice for years, and in my opinion, the sourer the better. After purchasing sourdough starter on a trip in Alaska a few years ago, I began experimenting with sourdough bread.… Continue reading Sourdough Bread


Black Licorice Chews

Though I know many people aren’t a fan black licorice, this post is a fun one for me. First off, dachshunds!!! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had dachshunds my entire life and am absolutely obsessed with the breed. I love their hilarious personalities, willingness to cuddle at any time, and overzealous bravery.… Continue reading Black Licorice Chews

Pasta · Vegetarian

Linguine Aglio Olio

Let me just tell you, the last couple weeks have been rough. They’ve involved many late nights and early mornings, multiple teary meltdowns, and not nearly enough baking. Thankfully, I have a couple close friends at school going through the same thing to complain to, study with, and talk life. I’m really not sure if… Continue reading Linguine Aglio Olio

Bars and Brownies

Lemon Cream Crumb Bars

Happy Valentine’s day! This probably wasn’t the red and pink themed dessert you were expecting, but I didn’t end up trying anything new for Valentine’s this year. However, I am of course making Alejandro his blueberry muffins, and I did squeeze in a batch of red velvet cupcakes for a school bake sale. I made… Continue reading Lemon Cream Crumb Bars


Iced Oatmeal Cookies

Well, it looks like I’m in for another weekend home alone, as Alejandro is going up to the mountains for an ice fishing trip Friday night. Introvert that I am, I do enjoy occasional weekends alone. I’m generally able to get a lot more done and can enjoy a good rom com in the evenings… Continue reading Iced Oatmeal Cookies